In Emotional Intelligence in ESL classrooms

Research shows that building a sense of community in the classroom is an integral part of creating a positive learning environment. Community building begins on the first day students and teachers come together. It is here that social and emotional learning can be integrated into classroom life. Here, social emotional learning is seen not as an add-on for the teacher but the way that relationships, routines, and procedures are established so everyone feels cared for, respected and valued.

Theory into Practice by Jaqueline A. Norris.





I would like to share with other teachers these group dynamics that have worked well throughout the thirty years I have had the pleasure of working with adult students in ESL Classrooms (1993 – 2023).  I hope you find these speaking activities useful to complement your own lesson plans. Please feel free to share your own experience with us!




2022 – 2023


  1. Exceptional students
  2. Dyslexic thinking
  3. Compensatory measures for ESL students with dyslexia
  4. 6 Keys to teach English students with dyslexia
  5. Dyslexc Buddies
  6. Dyslexivities
  7. Written tasks for a dyslexia-friendly classroom
  8. How to boost our dyslexic students reading skills
  9. Three tools for dyslexia friendly classrooms
  10. Standardised tests for dyslexic students of English


2021 – 2023


  1. How to create your breakout: the Agatha Christie experience
  2. The body in the library
  3. The Mysterious affair at Styles
  4. All Hallows Eve
  5. Green-eyed Girl
  6. The Sherlocked Experience
  7. The Hound Challenge



2019 – 2020


The following were created during unprecedented Lockdown online sessions in March 2020:

  1. #metime

  2. Lady with a Lamp

  3. London shutdown

  4. Online bookclub

  5. Video conference Goodbye



1993 – 2023


  1. All ears

  2. Beginners

  3. Book-crossing

  4. Bring in an object

  5. Chain of affection

  6. Christmas all the way

  7. Christmas wishes

  8. Circles

  9. Emotional response

  10. Elevenses

  11. 48:1

  12. Gaudí effect

  13. Give thanks and eat pie

  14. Good Things Come in Threes

  15. One: Windows of the mind
  16. Two: Tales of the Supernatural
  17. Three: The Importance of Being Earnest
  18. Haiku

  19. Heartfulness on Valentine’s Day

  20. Hermes

  21. Indian secrets

  22. It’s Christmas time

  23. Learn by doing

  24. Let’s go hybrid

  25. Lucky charms

  26. Mors tua, vita mea

  27. Musical chairs

  28. Never let me go

  29. Of foxes and hedgehogs

  30. Remote Thanksgiving ideas

  31. Soft skills

  32. Take it personal

  33. Ten for dinner

  34. The Arts

  35. The Grammar Club

  36. The Guest House

  37. Top Card

  38. Woman to woman

  39. Word clouds

  40. World Poetry Day

  41. Your position in the family

  42. You’ve got mail






«Our capacity to pay attention and to learn has a lot to do with what’s happening internally on the visceral and emotional level and what our gut feelings are telling us» by Gabor Mate.

 «How emotions affect our cognitive functioning»



La vida, sin prisa

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