Q&A with Boelo van der Pool


Today I am sharing this session with Boelo van der Pool, with whom we discussed Dyslexia in the English Classroom.

Not being exactly ‘transparent’, English is a difficult language to learn for dyslexic students of all ages, so after thorough research and years of experience around teaching English Boelo van de Pool has recently published his Guide Teaching English to Students with Dyslexia. In this guide we can find useful tips and accommodations for English Classrooms with dyslexic students of all ages.

I hope you will find this video useful with some brilliant thoughts and evidence of second language acquisition for dyslexic minds and six keys to teach English

  • Multisensorial classes.
  • Visuals.
  • Chunks.
  • Meaning and Connection.
  • Daily practice.
  • Patience and trust.



‘Long Live the Dyslexic Brain’ (Boelo van der Pool)


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