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The Covid 19 pandemic has changed our lives. And one of the new scenarios we have learned to live in is the «videoconference room» where we have met our relatives, colleagues and friends over the past year. These new times are giving us the opportunity to reach out, from the commodities of our homes, and connect with people, so we are launching these ONLINE TALKS ON WELLBEING as a new proposal for you.


Whether you are an individual, company manager or member of staff you can book a time for an online meeting to discuss your needs. From there we can offer bespoke online sessions where the participants will learn some interesting skills for their own wellbeing and self-care.


Quoting the founder of Mindfulness himself it is interesting to know that we can learn how to take responsibility for our own wellbeing and acquire these useful techniques that will help us take care of ourselves and eventually live in a happier closest environment.





«The original idea of the MBSR was to catch people falling through the health care system and challenge them to do something for themselves that no-one else on the planet could do for them and see what the consequences of eight weeks of training in the face of pain and/or stress and see after eight weeks whether this was a beneficial experiment in terms of quality of life and reduction of medical symptoms engaging people in their own medical care».

«It is like a participatory medicine so we as medical professionals do our part and you as a patient also do your part because you are sitting on top of the most amazing capacity of healing and transformation in the known universe. And if we are all sooner or later going to need medical care why not pour energy and deeply invest into beginning to take care of ourselves?»

Jon Kabat-Zinn





The University of Gibraltar has pioneered our project including this online talk in their MENTAL HEALTH WEEK: One easy guide on reducing anxiety and coping with examination stress  following our  Be Mindful  proposal.  The participants will learn how to integrate these documented benefits of Mindfulness practices:


increased productivity

increased ability to orient attention

increased working memory and planning and organization

increased quality of sleep

decreased test anxiety

increased emotional regulation

increased resilience

decreased negative affect/emotions

decreased depression

decreased stress




You may like to try out this practice

Take one minute to restore your peace in the stresses of life


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