Mindful Kids and Teens

My internship as a Mindfulness facilitator has started. I’m so very excited!! It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to share all the knowledge acquired specially this year with [...]

the attention muscle

SESSION ONE   The actual Mindfulness practices begin with the students.  We get settled in a beautiful classroom where as soon as we start they ask to sit on the floor. So we sit in a circle [...]

the pause button

SESSION TWO   We begin by summarising our previous session: what did we do? what for? what did we create? what for? what did we talk about? what for?   Students give answers: we were [...]

the spaghetti test

SESSION THREE   The boys and girls seem quite familiar with the practices. They are aware of what we are «building the attention muscle» for. The day begins with a new greeting [...]

A special place

SESSION FOUR We are right half-way through the training at the moment. I have to say today was s-p-e-c-i-a-l. The students are already familiar with the four different greetings: some ask for a [...]

Unpleasant feelings

SESSION FIVE   When dealing with difficult emotions like Anger we can learn about ourselves. We can learn how to recognise the feeling in our bodies, identify the kind of feeling it is, or [...]

It’s good to be kind

SESSION SIX The students seem happy and excited with the Monday sessions. They like Mindfulness and have all sort of new questions today … about Miss Frog, Jon Kabat-Zin, and [...]


SESSION SEVEN   We are on our very last Mindfulness sessions now. In fact, this could actually be considered the last session as next time we will have a special guest joining us… Stay [...]

Meet Miss Frog

SESSION EIGHT   To close up our eight-week program and inspired by Eline Snel’s book, a special guest gets invited to join us today: here is a real prompt!! The children are running [...]