Research shows that building a sense of community in the classroom is an integral part of creating a positive learning environment. Community building begins on the first day students and [...]

inclusive classrooms

Emotional Literacy can be a remarkable aid for teachers [and students] to broaden the potential within the classroom. When the actual variety and diversity of us all is understood and fully [...]


The project that started two years ago with the publication of Ei4ESL has happily arrived at its destination and training sessions specifically for EOI teachers of «exceptional students» will see [...]

index for inclusion

  As a language teacher in adult education I have not always found it easy to get adequate resources when meeting students with learning difficulties in our groups. I remember my first job [...]


    There is still only «24 hours in one day»! So how much has our digital world activity absorbed our natural world   Here is our deep concern about technology time off today [...]


This National Geographic Video got me started to prepare a breakout activity for my beginners group this year. Even beginner students of English know about Halloween costumes and «trick or [...]


Today we did this concluding activity to World Poetry Day: a visit to the Exhibition Centre Previously on March 21st, students learnt about Japanese poetry and created their own Haikus (Tasks 1 [...]