I have been invited to design an activity for Future Lab Classrooms and what else to focus on but Dyslexia-friendly tasks since this is what I am working on at present. And what makes it even [...]

Learn by doing

Experiential stays Long experience as a teacher and most importantly as a long-life student, tells me that whatever one learns through practical instances gets registered best. Even more so if it [...]


Which one are you?     This is an activity I experienced myself as a participant in Positive Discipline + Training Courses. The group dynamics had an impact on us participants when we [...]

Benefits of Mindfulness

The purpose of this blog is mainly to teach students strategies, tools and techniques to manage  stress. Mindfulness is one of them.      But what is Mindfulness and what are the [...]


A Class meeting is a successful tool not only for establishing respectful relationships between the students and their teacher but also among the students themselves. Holding class meetings will [...]