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For a Remote Thanksgivings session,

let’s go vintage.



1. Put “I am grateful for” cards inside your envelopes

2. Up they go into the drop box!

3. Ask your students not to open their letters until the last Thursday of November.

4. Fill in their “I am grateful for” cards 

5. Like, share, comment on social media!




Here is one activity that I have used on various occasions , which comes to my mind in these difficult times that we are living. A pandemic is not something we have experienced before as neither is having got infected by the virus we all fear the most.

I have had the unfortunate chance to watch how some colleagues of mine very unluckily got ill these days, lived through the terrible disease, and are still suffering the side effects: extreme weakness, unbearable headaches, regular faints, high fever, or frequent shortness of breath to mention some mild symptoms of covid-19. And still work hard within the bounds of possibility.

To show my greatest concern for everyone’s health around I would like to share this activity with one objective only: to remind us in these hard times of all the things we are grateful for.

There is not much we can do these days but we can certainly do with a kind push that will lighten us up a little.  So the proposal is to leave aside all the negativity for a while and focus on the things we appreciate the most in our lives at present.


What am I thankful for? Ask yourself this question regularly.


Ask your students to write on coloured pieces of paper things they are thankful for, these can involve acts of kindness as well, for instance I am grateful to my School for having allowed us to teach online in times of pandemic. Give a few minutes for students to think of precious examples they would like to share, and to put their coloured papers into a glass jar.


A few minutes before finish-time ask for a volunteer to open the jar up and slowly and carefully read out loud everyone’s examples of things they are grateful for (anonymous if more suitable).

The feeling of gratitude and heartfulness will surround you all if you do this activity in a conscious way. Invite your students to try out the “Gratitude jar” activity with their families. I have a Gratitude jar at home which I  enjoy bringing out onto the breakfast table every now and then. I like to get my family read old messages. We just simply love listening to them.

(adapted from Betsy Hanger Mindful Schools)



«Gratitude is about amplifying the goodness that is already there by simply noticing it more consciously»  (Everyday Mindfulness)



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