Ten for dinner

 In Emotional Intelligence in ESL classrooms

To celebrate a very unrehearsed Christmas this year, full of improvised moments and impromptu decisions I am sharing this cross-cultural and cross-linguistic mediation task today.

In small groups students take different roles to do some research on British customs, take notes, translate and simplify texts related to Christmas traditions. They will also need to transform specific information from visual material. In the last stages they will eventually need to discuss options and show personal reaction connected to previous knowledge on British Christmas essentials.




SCENARIO 1: Because of Covid precautionary measures a recently widowed British lady from your grandparents’ community will not be able to meet her family this Christmas as the recommendation is to stay local.  Your grandparents have very kindly invited her to join for dinner and have now asked you guys obviously, to do a great deal of the job! To avoid unwanted misunderstandings the whole family will need reminding that Christmas Dinner will be celebrated on December 25th (more like «late lunch» time for Spaniards). The hosts will appreciate your help reading through the recipes below, telling them roughly how to cook the traditional turkey British style for their guest, and to prepare some snacks in advance.


SCENARIO 2: They have also suggested you all set the table nicely as you spent Christmas in the UK once on a High School language exchange activity. So, said they, «You guys must know it all very well!». Besides, you have been asked to explain how to watch the traditional Queen’s Speech at 3pm (English time), which apparently can be followed on streaming this year.


In order to write your notes you must understand, select and transmit the most relevant information from the links below to recreate a little British atmosphere for the unexpected guest. Forget not to adapt the Imperial units of measurement !!



Good luck in making this unprecedented Christmas dinner for ten an unforgettable experience!




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