My educational philosophy is based on mutual respect in the classroom. On a teacher-students basis and on a student-student basis as well. The teacher that acts as the person guiding the rest of [...]

The Arts

I have selected here a list of movies you can base your activities on. They are all representative of emotional intelligence or Mindfulness. Needless to say you may prefer your own choice of [...]

The Guest House

World Poetry Day   March 21st is probably a good day for this task: The Guest House. The poem by Rumi has become a constant reference in my every day life and I would like to share it with [...]


Letting go is the way to freedom   Jon Kabat Zinn talks about these nine attitudes to cultivate and bring to life, which can be tremendously healing: acceptance, letting go, trust, patience, [...]


Give thanks and eat pie   Most students will have heard of Thanksgiving and most probably watched movies related to this celebration. They would know about eating turkey and the traditional [...]

It’s Christmas time

Sing along! I am sharing today this song that was once part of the Christmas workshops prepared by both my group and myself. The song chosen for this workshop was Do they know it’s [...]


Which one are you?     This is an activity I experienced myself as a participant in Positive Discipline + Training Courses. The group dynamics had an impact on us participants when we [...]

Mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness practices can help you de-stress at work   It is sometimes hard to find a good work-life balance. Sleepless nights, anxiety, and even panic attacks at times can suddenly be part [...]

Mindfulness practices

  Just Breathe… «The inspiration for “Just Breathe” first came about a little over a year ago when I overheard my then 5-year-old son talking with his friend about how emotions affect [...]