Three tools for dyslexia-friendly classrooms


One thing we can give our dyslexic students is T-I-M-E to process their thinking, which is why patience is a tool that will always work for teachers inside and outside the classroom. As an MF practitioner I must remind the reader that Mindfulness may help us build up skills like patience and empathy.




Let me now introduce this awesome Learning tool to support Reading skills called Immersive Reader. Immersive Reader can help our dyslexic students

  • improve focus and comprehension
  • scan texts with less eye strain
  • read «line by line» by removing distractions
  • increase spaces between words, characters and lines
  • improve recognition by showing breaks between syllables
  • hear the written text by highlighting each word




Reading Comprehension scores have improved with this tool and Reading speed, confidence and independence increase. Immersive Reader is a free tool that will change your students’ work and it is available in «View» at your Word desktop.




Remember what works for dyslexic students helps absolutely all students!




Related to the executive functions is this second free tool called OneNote that helps our dyslexic and ADHD students keep everything in one place, not lose things.

Teachers can

  • take pictures of a text,
  • put them in OneNote,
  • run «optical character recognition»
  • press «immersive reader» and magic happens…

Teachers can provide universal access of content as the text can be translated into a new language and even read out loud.





Speech-to-text dictation is another built-in Learning tool to improve dyslexic students’ Writing skills. As it is also the word-prediction and spell-checking tool in «Review > Editor > Spelling and Grammar» at your Word Desktop.


Spelling errors can be grouped into categories and can also be read aloud by activating the errors talking spellcheck. In the same text alternatives are suggested for grammar errors and with the Clarity and conciseness choice natural language feedback is provided for written texts.






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