Moments of self-knowledge, introspection and relaxation for ESL teachers

Because teachers’ mental health will have an impact on their students (regardless of their age or discipline)





Teachers are provided with tools and resources for managing their own emotions, identifying and providing breathing and relaxation options, so that they can establish a connection between emotional and bodily spheres and the language that supports both.


As well as getting to know and love themselves better, and improving their self-esteem, they will learn to feel their own emotions, and be able to anticipate and manage their emotions in order to channel them in a peaceful way and guide them towards a solution.


Activities are provided that invite participants to put words to their feelings and emotions, enriching vocabulary and possible actions of mutual care of the participants, through language, promoting recognition and gratitude towards oneself and towards the people around them.


For all of the above, positive language and assertive communication techniques will be key to expressing one’s own needs, taking care of those who express them and those who receive them, reaching satisfactory agreements for all. In this way, positive connections and trust are achieved and positive expectations for the future are strengthened.

School for Health Education projects can be integrated into your school system to promote physical, mental and social-emotional wellbeing (follow this link and watch video below for guidelines). 



Learning health in an educational centre is learning to feel good with oneself, with others, and with one’s environment, which opens us up to positive dimensions (WHO).










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