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Being in the workplace every day is not always paradise, in fact, sometimes we can feel rather deflated to get to work in the morning. Motivation is key and some companies seem to have understood that there are two types of rewards, one is financial one is emotional.

According to some sources [Gallup report 2015] the average worker is not particularly committed at the workplace, even worse some would actively work against the company.

But  let’s just imagine for a second how much more and better our companies would do should there be more committed people working in them.

As Jaume Gurt points out if we could make people happy at work they would be more devoted to their work and they would want to give something in return with passion and commitment. He goes on to say that what makes the workplace is its people. Happier people can feel the magic of seeing the company grow bigger, enjoy their job more and want to do their best.

Genuine smily faces are contagious and create an atmosphere of positivity. Teams get stronger, more capable of taking challenges, and more appreciative of success. Innovation rises sick-leave falls. 


Running a company with the heart


I believe by being coherent and transparent, by listening actively or providing honest constructive feedback, and by trusting people and offering spaces for self-improvement and self-growth an atmosphere of happiness is born. Happiness in the workplace generates a feeling of being part of a team, of trust and freedom, and a sense of belonging and significance.

 we only need to be brave and plant the seed

Emotional salaries


To leave a little earlier to get our work finished at home, to really get understood when difficulties arise in our work-life balance, to get a tap on the shoulder or full support when we wish to get trained is at times more important than a pay rise or a more privileged position at work.

Innovative movements like “not-just-work” are more and more aware of the importance of the wellbeing of companies and their people. When we are happy at the workplace it shows in our face. Likewise when the company is happy it shows in the results.


Well-being spaces in the workplace


I am most impressed by these new companies that offer Mindfulness areas where whoever needs to can go and recharge batteries. Or cool-off spots where they can (dis)connect before important decision-making.

In more advanced places extra services like childcare, getting errands done, or financial and medical advice are provided. Food, physical exercise or free time activities are also more and more taken into consideration in companies that want to provide a healthy atmosphere.



Adapted from “Let’s make the workplace more human”
[El Mundo 5 junio 2016]


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