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I am sharing this vlog as a special birthday present based on the enneagramme to commemorate my son’s birth date today. 



Once upon a time some children were invited to a birthday party


All these years I have been utterly attracted to watching my son and his elder sister grow their own personality traits, and it has driven me powerfully to learn how to help them develop skills to become healthy adults living healthy lives one day.

Inspired by volunteer work as a Childline Listener I created this «bedtime story» for Mums and Dads who, like me, want to know more in an attempt to excel their most important mission: parenting !! 

So the intention is to share my vision of the enneagram with parents and also educators who might recognise their unique child belonging to one of the nine categories. And even though every kid in the story impersonates a different character type with one stronger feature, as a matter of fact, all kids will resonate with one another. As all kids have all features. In fact, we are all One.

As parents and educators I believe we can be of great help to our kids by enhancing their shiny sides and integrating other darker ones. And by accompanying them with delicacy alongside the most important years of their lives into adulthood.


VLOGNINE is illustrated by Jon Davis and adapted from El Eneagrama Infantil by Luis Arribas [www.sanaemocion.com]

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