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By simply listening to my students I sometimes get the best inspiration, like this set of three examination practices of Mindfulness: breath – sounds – earth.

Neuroscientific studies can estate that after an 8-week period of regular practice of Mindfulness changes in our brain get settled. So the recommendation is to begin at least eight weeks before your final examinations if you haven’t started yet!

It has been a constant feature of this blog to provide tools and strategies to overcome moments of stress and anxiety when learning a foreign language, especially when it comes to speaking tests. Even more so after the latest approach of standardised examinations that follow the CEFR or international standards for describing language ability. And after some years of face-to-face classroom practice with my ESL students I am willing to share today with any other student who might be interested, my first recorded mindfulness exercises:


1 –  BREATH: learning how to redirect your attention and focus when feeling overwhelmed by the natural tension and examination stress, 

2 – SOUNDS: enhancing your listening skills by repeated practice of listening with full attention to surrounding sounds, 

3 – EARTH: managing to remain calm, stable and balanced in the face of the long hours dealing with written exam papers or preparation for your speaking tests.



The best strategy against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another (William James)









Inspired by Castellanos, N., Simon, V. and Talavera, M.

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