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 In Emotional Intelligence in ESL classrooms

Based on Gamification, SEL and 21st century skills the proposal today is this Agatha Christie Experience:

a Breakout Educational activity for upper-intermediate students.







Carrie, the English teacher, has gone missing. Last time seen at the library, Carrie was flicking through the pages of Agatha Christie novels. Her colleagues, family and friends are now trying to find out what happened to her. Did she argue with her students or other teachers? Was she feeling unwell and had to see the doctor? Was she dragged out of school for any particular reason?

All participants in this breakout educational activity are desperately seeking Carrie and trying to find out what could’ve possibly happened to her!





The Challenge:


After an eye-opener lecture on Neuroscience in Education at her school, Carrie ran to the library in search for stories that would captivate her students.


On the way to the library, she met with Mathison, the Spanish teacher, who had just completed his latest escape room activity with his students.


My students just loved the experience and asked for more!”, said Mathison. 


When she asked Mathison how he had managed to bring his students into that heightened focus and immersion in the activity, he very simply answered:


Carrie, you only need a good story for your students with some drops of mystery that keep them tuned in, add a few puzzles and hints, build up their soft skills and create a positive atmosphere for interaction and team-work… the rest will just flow…”.  



So after picking up this Agatha Christie novel that she found engaging, Carrie followed the lecturer’s documented indications to «get in contact with nature for our brains to expand and create».  She took a beach walk and reflected on her students interests and new classroom projects for the academic year. 

Carrie wanted to find the right ingredients that would make her students thrill.





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