The Girl with Green Eyes

 In Emotional Intelligence in ESL classrooms




This Oxford Bookworms reader by John Escott is the protagonist of this breakout specially created for my A1 students.


The narrative behind today’s activity is that Mr Russo disappeared mysteriously with his sketches on his way back to the Shepton Hotel. Only a passser-by noticed the old homeless lady that was following him with her overloaded trolley…


The students must solve several puzzles before they can reach the old lady who hides the secret about Mr Russo’s whereabouts.

PUZZLE 1: is a vocabulary challenge where students must prove they understood «the secret word» from the story.

PUZZLE 2: is a «quiz show» where the winning team will prove they know the characters well.

PUZZLE 3: is a «running dictation» where order is really really important.

PUZZLE 4:  is a «guess who» comprehension task the students will need to be all ears for.

PUZZLE 5: is the «riddle» that will finally get them to the old lady with the trolley.

PUZZLE 6: is a «tic tac toe» activity where the two finalist groups must make true statements for the old lady to finally speak up!.

The final challenge is for students to publish their own version of an audiobook.


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