Lockdown activities

 In Emotional Intelligence in ESL classrooms

In these unusual times that we are living thoughts and emotions, feelings and sensations may also seem rather unusual to us all. When I sit and get my lessons prepared to teach my students, activities related to Lockdown and how to «adjust»  this now «remote» learning comes first to my mind. So the proposal is to share these activities that are somehow related to the circumstances we are all in today.

Finding out about Florence Nightingale, after whom the temporary hospitals in the UK are named, doing written mediation tasks based on UK PM Boris Johnson’s Shutdown speech or planning «outdoor» activities to develop cognitive learning skills are some. I hope you find them interesting!


  1. «Me» Time in Lockdown
  2. The Lady with a Lamp
  3. London Shutdown 1952
  4. The Outdoor Lockdown Bookclub
  5. Video conference goodbyes
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