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Puzzle six


These passages from The Body in the Library hide the most important clue for Miss Marple to solve the crime. The 5-digit multipack code will pop out when you have put the passages in chronological and you will be able to read The Clue.


1 Mark and Jossie got married a year ago. They knew that Mr Jefferson would change his will when he found out, so they decided to keep it a secret until he died. But they needed that to happen quickly so, they made a plan.
‘It was really a very interesting plan. First of all, they chose the poor child, Pamela. They offered her a test for a film! She couldn’t say no when Mark Gaskell offered it to her. He takes her in to the hotel by the side door and introduces her to Jossie – he tells her she’s one of their make-up experts – Jossie dyes Pamela’s hair, puts make-up on her and paints her fingernails. During all this they give her a sweet drink that is drugged, and she falls asleep.


2. It was three o’clock in the morning. The wind was quiet and the moon was shinning over the calm sea. In Conway Jefferson’s room there was no sound except hi own breathing. There was no breeze to move the curtains at the window, but they moved … For a moment they opened and a person stood there. Nearer and nearer to the bed that person came, with a hypodermic needle ready in their hand. And then, suddenly, out of the shadows, another hand grabbed the one that held the needle. The voice of the law says: ‘No, you don’t. I’ll take that needle!’. The light came on, and from his bed Conway Jefferson looked at the murderer of Ruby Keene.


3. It’s the saddest story. He had a son, Frank, and a daughter, Rosamund, who were both married but they still spent a lot of time with their parents. Conway’s wife, too, was the sweetest woman and he laved her very much. But Conway, his wife, Frank and Rosamund were flying home from France and there was an accident. They were all killed except Conway, who lost his legs. But he never complains. His daughter-in-law, Adelaide Jefferson, loves with him – she was a widow when Frank Jefferson married her and she had a son, Peter Camody, by her first marriage.


4. ‘Are you enjoying this, Peter?’ asked Mrs Bantry. ‘I am! I’ve been looking around to see if I can find any clues, but I haven’t been lucky. I’ve got a souvenir, though. Mother wanted me to throw it away but I’m not going to’. He took a small box from his pocket. Opening it, he showed the adults the contents. ‘It’s a fingernail. Her fingernail! I’m going to make a label: Fingernail of the Murdered Woman and take it back to school. It’s a good souvenir, don’t you think?’


5. ‘Specialised knowledge. We use it in police work too. For example, when we want to catch a burglar, we can usually guess which one it was because we know each of the local burglars acts. In the same way,Mis Marple makes interesting connections between people and events in a crime and life in her village’. ‘But what is she likely to know about a girl who’s probably never been to a village in her life?‘ ‘Oh, I think,’ said Sir Henry, ‘that she might have some interesting ideas.’ Miss Marple looked happy when she saw Sir Henry approaching. ‘Oh, Sir Henry, this is lucky – meeting you here.’ Sir Henry was charming. ‘It’s a great pleasure, Miss Marple. Are you staying here?’. ‘We are. Mrs. Bantry’s here too’.





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