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Having asked all the questions to professionals of the mind in numerous Emotional Literacy training courses, as an ESL teacher in Adult Education I would now like to share with my colleagues this very wise statement that was made at one point:


Teachers can be great «mediators» when it comes to students with special educational needs

As it happens, we were not taught how to deal with diversity and inclusion when we were first getting trained at college. We learnt about functional language, phonetics, poetry and literature, history and culture, and so on and so forth. However, once we are actually in the classroom we teachers can find ourselves rather lost when other than «the subject» itself needs dealing with. What is interesting is that although we are not specialists in neurodiversity we can certainly be mediators. So in this SEND field that is new to us the best thing we can do may be to show an open and respectful attitude to the person we have in front of us and do some basic research to find out how to help these students in their learning processes.

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The Forgotten

When we refer to a gifted student it usually means they have abilities above age-peers. However, there is no general agreement about what the term «gifted» and «talented» means. Its definition varies according to the country, culture, and even school.

Identifying students with higher abilities has become a subject of great interest for researchers, education administrators, teachers and families alike. However, it is also a controversial issue because there is still no agreement on which variables must be taken into account to determine whether a student has higher abilities, or how these variables should be measured in these cases.




“Gifted and Talented is the term applied to those young people who are achieving, or who have the potential to achieve, at a level significantly beyond the rest of their peer group.” (Marie Delaney)





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Locally association can be of good help

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