Three activities to help A1 Learners with dyslexia


Learners with dyslexia may struggle with manipulating and holding on to sounds and words, which can make learning to read and spell difficult. However, while reading, writing, and spelling can prove to be difficult, they’re often fantastic storytellers and display strong verbal reasoning skills.

Here are three activities based on the Vocabulary Banks from English File A1 to support students with spelling and word order (Flashcards are also provided if you prefer a non-digital version):

Remember what works for dyslexic students helps absolutely all students!

  1. UNSCRAMBLE for spelling:  colours and common adjectives
  2. FIND THE INTRUDER for spelling errors: jobs and places of work
  3. UNJUMBLE for word order: months idioms (you may want to introduce the idioms and their meaning first)


An inclusive classroom is designed to not only celebrate and reward traditional academic accomplishments—quizzes, tests, grades—but also the different strengths and contributions associated with dyslexia.


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