Research shows that building a sense of community in the classroom is an integral part of creating a positive learning environment. Community building begins on the first day students and [...]


This National Geographic Video got me started to prepare a breakout activity for my beginners group this year. Even beginner students of English know about Halloween costumes and «trick or [...]


Today we did this concluding activity to World Poetry Day: a visit to the Exhibition Centre Previously on March 21st, students learnt about Japanese poetry and created their own Haikus (Tasks 1 [...]

Good Things Come in Threes

I am writing this today when many many years have passed since these activities took place in the school Library. The Library was finally opened up on Friday, May 20th 2011 with an interesting [...]


The title of this movie based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro – one of the Top 10 novels of the 2000s according to TIME Magazine, has produced this blog entry today, when we are using [...]


Why not a little bit of going back to our roots this Christmas and send a Christmas card to your classmates? We did that!   Here are this year’s A1 students picking up their Christmas [...]

The Grammar Club

Once upon a time, some students had become so confused with grammar structures that they got completely stuck in the same level without managing to move forward because of their poor command of [...]