inclusive classrooms

Emotional Literacy can be a remarkable aid for teachers [and students] to broaden the potential within the classroom. When the actual variety and diversity of us all is understood and fully [...]


The project that started two years ago with the publication of Ei4ESL has happily arrived at its destination and training sessions specifically for EOI teachers of «exceptional students» will see [...]

index for inclusion

  As a language teacher in adult education I have not always found it easy to get adequate resources when meeting students with learning difficulties in our groups. I remember my first job [...]


Foreword Having asked all the questions to professionals of the mind in numerous Emotional Literacy training courses, as an ESL teacher in Adult Education I would now like to share with my [...]

Dyslexic Thinking

TAKE THE TEST     What works for dyslexic students helps absolutely all students       During the current academic year I have been leading this INCLUSIVE PRACTICES [...]

Dyslexc Buddies

Given that an interesting set of Ai video tutorials have reached my desktop, I have tried to combine here emotional intelligence strategies with practical Ai tools that are making classroom work [...]

Q&A with Boelo van der Pool

Today I am sharing this session with Boelo van der Pool, with whom we discussed Dyslexia in the English Classroom. Not being exactly ‘transparent’, English is a difficult language to [...]


I have been invited to design an activity for Future Lab Classrooms and what else to focus on but Dyslexia-friendly tasks since this is what I am working on at present. And what makes it even [...]